Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Spotted at (an remote corner of) CVS - Maybelline Summer 2013 Limited Edition Color Tattoo eyeshadow! I think this deserve a squee...
I have 8 Color Tattoo already and it seems like I will be adding at least two additional ones.
I only remember there is a cool crush (the white one?), something Mint, the purple is called Lavish Lavender (totally getting that one) and there is something like Sea Shore, which looks like a light gray pearl.


  1. i stalked the internets for seashore frosts and finally got it on ebay for an exhorbitant price!

  2. Yeah, the internet markup is crazy...I remeber people charging 2x the price for those LE Maybelline baby lips from last fall. Only Maybelline re-released the same thing (in both single and twin-pact sets) several times this year.

    Now I am a little worried that I didn't pick them up last time I saw them (stopped by during lunch and wasn't decided, by the afternoon I was stranded by the rain so I couldn't go). Let's hope they are not out...


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