Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skin Care from Pacifica, Avalon, Alba and Weleda

Spotted at Target - a small range of Pacifica makeup, which is consists of two palettes (one eyeshadow one for face) and five tinted lip balms, all with delicious names. 
(This is taken from another branch) The lip balms are Coconut Nectar, Guava Berry, Vanilla Hibiscus  
There are also three roller-ball perfume in Indian Coconut Nectar, Tuscan Blood Orange and Hawaiian Ruby Guava (kind of wonder what this smells like) 
Body Butter with the same name (not sure if they are new or not)
Weleda now has those mini body lotion kid and body oil starter kit (I am too lazy to use those but I love anything with a rainbow color theme).
New Avalon Organics (also knows as one of the pseudo natural/organic brands) skincare 
Bunch of new Alba Botanica Cleansers


  1. why is Avalon a pseudo organic brand? I almost bought something from it at but skipped it and picked up another brand. If you test that guava perfume I'll be glad if you share cause I love guavas :)

    1. I remember a pretty big news site lists 10 different brands/products that are marketed as "organic" but they never have their ingredients certified. I remember Avalon Organics is one of them (because I was using their shampoo at the time)...It seems that they only thing organic about it is the name.

  2. Gesh...I did a research about it and I found a website where you can check about almost every cosmetics to know the level of contamination (dangerous substances, etc). I'm kinda scared now, just 30% of mine that I checked there are ok to use, the rest are so dangerous. :( my blonde glam shampoo and dior addict lipstick were like the maximum of contamination, can you believe that.

    Check out if you don't know it already

    1. Well, I am not entirely sure how accurate that website is (given that most of their data on high end lipstick are out of date by many years)as they break down the risk factors by ingredients, not formula (which is not even given out by brands anyway)/ how much of each is used to produce the products. I also checked out several "natural" products that I have used which gave me shitty result (sunscreen that itches, leave white cast and doesn't seem to do anything beside making my skin oily), they sure got a good score (like 2)...Why does it matter anyway, it works so badly I might as well go without it (0 risk factor!).

  3. that's the problem with most of the natural products I have tried , they work really bad. except for the josie maran ones. her serum foundation is my number one.



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