Monday, March 04, 2013

NYX Butter Gloss, Eyeliner, Illuminator, Setting Spray and More

This is post is picture heavy because NYX just added a lot of new product into their permanent range - First there is the Butter Gloss(which looked like tinted lip balm at first but I guess it's just gloss with matching lid)
Matte and dewy finish setting spray 
Born to Glow liquid illuminator

Photo-loving primer and mineral powder
Waterproof and full coverage concealer
Pore filler and shine killer primer
Eyeliner pot and Nude on Nude palette
Wicked dream eyeshadow palette
Are you deprEyered of (that's a stupid name) mascara 
Glam Luxe Aqualiner and Glam shadow stick
The new eyeshadow trio are getting a revamp, now they are all rectangular instead of round
More eyeshadow trios

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