Monday, March 04, 2013

Milani Textured Creams, Gud and Ossart Shampoo

Spotted at Walgreens - Limited Edition Milani Textured Cream nail color
Tainted in Red, Spoilded in Fuchisa, Aqua Splash, Yellow Mark, Purple Stream and Shady Gray
A new scent form Gud (by Burt's Bees) Red Ruby Groovy
Ossart Shampoo (so is fabric softener bottle for shampoo a new thing?) - But I think I really like the scent choice, there are definitely not enough mango and strawberry shampoo in the market...


  1. horrible shampoo's bottle. Gesh

    1. Haha, it sure was eye-catching though. Sometime I actually use cheap (more like free 1-dollar) shampoo to wash some cloths so I can related!

  2. I'll take a shot of a cheap Brazilian's shampoo specially for you later, it will make you cry... hehe


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