Monday, February 25, 2013

March Magazine Menagerie

Don't freak out (yet), it's still February! It's just that most of the magazines are March 2013 issues.
Spotted at CVS - Premiere issue of Nail It magazine. I just really like her peachy-pink makeup...The content is OK (nothing exciting compared to those more established nail art blog or the nail session of Japanese magazine...) 
Cosmopolitan (aka. Encyclopedia of Shitty Sex Advices) covered graced by a  Bieber
Oh, it's Hannah Montana...Glamour cover is graced by Dakota Fanning (I like her sister's face better) with a cute sweater...
Now some flips (done inside a library) - Vogue had an interesting article by Marina Rust about the come back of Beehive Hair...Which I welcome with open arms. If they like a giant round bun ( don't mind odango that much when they are slightly messy and airy/done in the Asian way, but the American take is just so huge, round and uniform) why not this? At least a lot of opera divas rocked this look back in the 50-60s.
The illustration, however, was a little unfortunate. My first impression was that "Why is there a giant poop on her head?"  The model's sullen expression (we feel your pain) and the flies bees around it didn't help much either...
A random delicate green bag from Mulberry (the thing is about garden inspired, I think) Not a color I wear (or something that I can afford) the color gives me a cantaloupe candy smell...
Random shot at Allure (this is about a style influencers) - A stylist Christiaan's hair styling job. I like the mess hair but her eye shadow look really pretty!  
"Hey look, it's Zarkharova!" - Time Magazine did an article about the recent acid attack on Bolshoi Ballet's chief Filin. (Most of the time I only read the article by Joe Stein at the end but this one wasn't particularly funny...)
From Glamour - Is it OK for a Grown Woman to Love a Boy Band?  After giving the picture a good look...Urgh, these guys are supposed to be good-looking? I get the thing with Robert Pattison and half-dressed Taylor Launtner but...The only thing in my mind when I saw these people was "How many bottles of hairspray does the middle on go through on a monthly basis?"

Generation gap is a good thing indeed...


  1. LOL I was thinking the exact same thing - is that a huge turd on her head?!?


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