Saturday, February 02, 2013

L'Oreal Glistening Garnet Infallible Eyeshadow

I stay away from red/pink eyeshadow because the colors tend to look like allergic reaction (to benzoyl peroxide) on me. However, the moment I saw Glistening Garnet (what a pretty name!) , one of the newer shades of L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow released last summer...I knew I will cave on this someday.
Just like the other Infallible eyeshadow I have reviewed, Glistening Garnet has a cream/powder texture (I called that dampened powder that behaves somewhat like a cream), smooth glide and a lasting power that's just as unsatisfactory as the powder shadow (when used without the primer).
Even though the eyeshadow itself looks nothing like the stone I like (I guess higher grade garnet are more wine-toned), I like how it reminds me of the slant rouge (hybrid blush and eyeshadow that's applied from outer eyes to temple, a style that was really popular in Tang Dynasty) and the eye-makeup on geisha.A thicker layers would make it deeper and more burgundy but once blended on my skin, the color is more or less a slightly subdued shimmery magenta.
L'Oreal Glistening Garnet with Maybelline Color Tattoo Bold Gold dipped on the center lid (which actually sealed in the L'Oreal a bit and made it longer lasting). It's possibly due to my oily lid, the color not only sheered out as I wear it, it also picks up a lot of blue (turns bright cherry) as time passes...So say hello to allergic reaction...

Overall: For the lasting-powder (the lack thereof), I can use primer and I am willing to try other things (not sure what though...)to make it work. Since I really like the color.

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