Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vidal Sassoon is Back (plus more Hair Care)

Is 90s the thing for 2013...First there was Herbal Essence, now Vidal Sassoon (a brand I used as a kid back in China and never saw when I moved to North America) is back and available at Target...They ditched the signature red cylinder bottle and replaced with this plain and flat thing (so plain that when I first saw the display, I thought Old Spice is doing a complete hair care line)...
All of their items are called Pro-Series and retail for 4 bucks (1.5 cheaper than the new "old" Herbal Essence) and when I sniffed near the lid, it just smelled a little cheap/old but not the Vidal Sassoon I was familiar with...(You know how old smells can evoke memory?)
Hair Gel and Hair Spray
There is also a range of hair color that are more on the subtle/wearable side

More Clairol Herbal Essence - Body Envy Shampoo Conditioner
Touchably Smooth
Long Term relationship - It looks like it might smell really yummy.
 Hello Hydration
Swirly ones called Hydralicious and another one I can't read
New Hair Spray gel 
Aussie conditioner, spray and 3-minute miracle - Same product but the design is a little different
Volume, Shine, Sprunch, Freeze hair spray and moose
Aussie Men Shampoo (they should hire Wolverine as their spoke model...)
Random hair serum and gel from Garnier that look new to me.


  1. It reminds me of old spice too! I wonder how these will work for people...

  2. "So plain that when I first saw the display, I thought Old Spice is doing a complete hair care line." Pure Comedic Genius!!! I will check out VS. Used it as a kid during the 80s and early 90s!!!

  3. this must be comeback year!!!

  4. @Lauren
    If it's anything like the old stuff, I guess people will like it (drugstore shampoo nowadays are so thin or itch-inducing...or both).

    I think VS was one of the better brands (because the bottle was so slim and sleek and how they always use famous HK stylist in their commercial)but I am not sure this is the same thing though...

    If this is the trend, I am hoping Burt's Bees will bring out the older cuticle creme, their facial spray (and toner) and Sally Hansen will re-introduces their big squeeze tube lip treatment/gloss...

  5. aw man Im so bummed out that it smells different, was my favorite smell EVER! :( I like the memories it will bring back..


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