Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Nars Andy Warhol Soft Touch Eye Pencil Swatches

This is just a page break kind of post (I have pulled the barcode arm again while I was waiting for someone in Sephora), you know...before I flood the blog with drugstore spy cam pictures.
Nars Soft Touch Eye Pencil is harder, waxier (instead of creamy) than most of the shadow-liner-jumbo-pencil I have swatched and it leaves a bit of sheen like wax based lip balm. It gets wiped away easily with just some tissues but there is a stain that's left behind. Btw, the lime green one is from the permanent range while the three on the right are from Andy Warhol collection.

(Being my normal, cheap self) I did make a little drugstore haul while taking advantage of the extra bucks and beauty club reward. First, I spend 25 cents and two $2, $3-off coupons (one printed out by CVS red machine, another one from coupons.com) for the Simple face wash and light moisturizer. 
I then use 3$-off 2 L'Oreal products, 5 beauty club extra bucks, 1.5 CVS winter spending extra bucks, 4-off-20-bucks-skincare purchase (works on cosmetics as well) and 7.13 dollars out of pocket, for the L'Oreal Gloss Stain, eyeshadow and the Revlon Eyeliner (2.3 bucks, on clearance). 

Finally, I used the 4 extra bucks (for buying more than 12 dollar worth of L'Oreal products) for the three Carmex moisture plus lip balm/tint (they are on sale 3 for 4 bucks this week). I have been asked to do a post about coupon-use for beauty products but I never gather enough content to make it into a post. Basically, the rule is to stacks on different sales and maximum number of coupons and shop at places that have those kind of sales (and let you use multiple coupons at once, which is basically saying CVS).  

The perfect scenario would be brand X is on sale (or better, clearance), you stack CVS brand-specific coupon, manufacturer's coupon then the dollar-off-certain-amount-of-purchase-coupon (this is always the first coupon handed to the cashier so the total amount is not brought down threshold by other discounts). Anyway, keeps an eyes on the CVS red machine and sites like redplums and coupons dot com, rock your grade school math and you should be able to get a lot of useless craps stuff for just a few bucks.


  1. Too bad there was no CVS near me when I was a student in the US. Could you do a review of the L'oreal Gloss Stain? :)

    1. Of course I can, the problem is that we are having really cold and gloomy weather lately (which means, bad lips days and bad photo day, as Sony camera only works when there is a full blast of sunlight)so I won't be able to do it for the next 10 days. Anyway, the stain seems watery, comfortable and the smell is amazing, kind of like the rose scent from Benetint. The bad side is that (unlike the YSL glossy stain, which has amazing color selection) the L'Oreal ones all seem quite standard and bland, so that's why I walked away with only one of them, the Coral Tattoo.


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