Monday, January 07, 2013

Milani Mint Candy Nail Lacquer

 Milani Mint Candy is a medium teal (sometime it looks more turquoise and sometime it's more of a mint green) cream infused with a misty layer of matching sheen. The formula is smooth, non-gooey and 2-layer-opaque and the color is a little deeper than the standard mint, which means it would transit well into summer.
I guess you can sort of see the metallic teal sheen in this picture? A nice thing about this shade is that it doesn't stain the nail bed like the other mint greens (Wet n Wild Refresh-mint, I am talking to you...). I can't wait to wear it with a flowy white blouse, denim shorts and brown leather sandals. Well, I guess I won't need to since it would be sandal-season in just a few days, according to the weather channel.


  1. oh, what a pretty green! And it doesn't stain the nail bed? That's fantastic. My new lemming.


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