Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Kitty Candy Tins, Stationery and Japanese Hair Care

Another collective sighting from various places - First the Valentine Hello Kitty Candy Tin has landed in Michael's. I will be sure to pick one up...
There is also a new collection of Michael's exclusive Hello Kitty stationery (I put the close up of the items here) which area actually pretty well-made.
Hello Kitty Lotte Pie (I think it's only the outer box...) spotted at a Chinese market
Some biscuit stick (I actually prefer the pink version)
Random meiji meltyblend chocolate...Hmmm, I think I need to go back to buy it because it's limited edition.
  Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner 17 dollars per bottle...
Ichikami and more Shiseido

Essential, Asience and Japanese Lux (I have never seen seen this brand in US...or Canada but I was under the impression that this is an American brand?) 
Naive shampoo (loved their bubble bath when I was a kid!) and Umi no Uruoiso (some algae shampoo?) 
Naive body wash (would buy...but I think I still have 4 bottles stocked up...) and Cow Brand (where my first/favorite lip gloss is from) Milky body wash.
More Naive (maybe I should just get one of their facial wash...just for old time's sake).
Another familiar product from the childhood - Liushen ("Six Gods") Floral water (which we used as insect repellent) - The formula is so similar to organic solvent that it actually works as nail polish remover O_o...
I was a dollar tree (looking for Nivea Strawberry lip balm as tipped off by a reader) and saw these Goody Spin Pin (for a dollar, of course)...Now that's finally something reasonable.
Now jumped back to CVS - SebaMed shampoo and conditioner
Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan penetrating oil - I just love how shiny it looks.
CVS has its copy of Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and conditioner
Burt's Bees Island Lip Balm with Passionfruit
The complete 8 shades of the new glosses (I only snapped picture of four of them last time)
Aveeno Pure Renewal, Nourish +Volume shampoo conditioner


  1. The HK stuff is so adorable!

  2. I was interested in trying some Naive products but I've never tried it. Is their shampoo/body wash/facial wash good??

    1. Just from my memory (too cheap to buy them when I can get dial for 2 bucks) the body wash with big peach was rather rich and it smelled amazing, their facial cleanser are more on the soapy sides (to me, still better than the runny thing in US drugstore though) and not really pampering experience...They were both good enough for their price.


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