Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Green Lotus Pod & Ink Spatter

You have already seen this but I suppose a proper glamour shot is always welcomed. This is the most recent addition into my little family of jade figurines (most of them are either animal or plant) - a green lotus pod made of green nephrite from Qing Hai , the shade of green is usually crisper and lighter compared to the true Hetian nephrite (I personally don't care about the place of origin as long as it's pretty and reasonably priced).
At the base of the pendant (where the hole is located...it's blurred out in the picture though) there is also a little lucky cloud (geometric shapes of clouds found in traditional Chinese visual arts) accent. Even though the jade has some visible crystal structure and minor internal crazes, I do love how detail the carve work is.
This piece came with the first one (as a bag charm). White nephrite with black spots are usually called 青花,  (Based on context, the first character can used to indicate colors from lime green, deep teal to black and the second one means pattern, blur or smudge...not just flower) in this case, it just means "black pattern".
Since this particular piece has a clean white background with spot-like pattern, people just call it 点墨 (ink spatter).  I was thinking about using it as a charm for pen case but I think I just like looking at it, admiring its fine texture and subtle luster.


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