Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Garnier Oil Free Shine Control BB Cream

Spotted at CVS - Garnier Oil Free Shine Control BB Cream. I guess some companies really listen to their customer because my two major complaints about the old one is the long-lasting oily glare and the dark orange shade (Many people don't like it as it's by no mean an actual BB cream but I let it slide because most American ones are just tinted moisturizer anyway).
First here are three shades of All Day Shine Control ones (designed for combination to oily skin) in Light-Medium, Medium/Deep and Deep (The store associate just load them...wherever she/he liked, I guess).
Then there is a new shade Fair/Light (I might just end up getting this one since the thick formula actually work really well in areas with AC overload). Did I mention that I actually went through half a tube of the one I had?
Just another display - Splot hair chalk. So that's a new fad now (because I saw similar product at ULTA)? Boy I guess I am officially too old for the beauty scene...

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