Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2012 Gold Brush Sets

The Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2012 collection is out in Target -  The biggest set is the gilded cage 6 piece brush set (with a clutch as usual).
Then there is the Gold Brush set 
A lip and nail set (there is cosmetic set that was either sold out or not yet shelved) and a beaded hair crown piece
The entired Jemma Kidd is on clearance (I have swatched plenty of their products) but still too much for me for their (lack of) appeal.


  1. I picked up a set of SK brushes around this time last year. They're great :) I agree about the Jemma Kid stuff... it's not so appealing :p

  2. I prefer the black and gold one on the 2nd photo!!! :) Looks nice, I wonder how the quality is!


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