Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure 7 Benefits in 1 Bottle Nail Polish

 Spotted at Walgreens - The brand new Sally Hansen Salon Manicure which looks nothing different from the old version (the bottle does look tinier in the display picture though). Anyway, the new version promise 7 different gimmicks and a up to (aka, always less than) 10 days wear.
So my phone camera suddenly decided to warm itself up and turn yellow... The popular taupe Commander in Chic is still there, Greige Garden is now changed to Greige (same difference). The other metallic taupe might be new or old (the line is so big and expensive so I never really paid attention what shades are in it).
At first I thought the glittery one is a re-release of the popular LE flakie (that I never really get to see in real life) but it's just some normal hexagonal + normal glittery top coat with a bit of rainbow effect. Nothing Wet n Wild/Sinful Colors can't do...

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