Monday, November 26, 2012

Revlon Pink Truffle Colorburst Lip Butter

Pink Truffle is one of the more pigmented shades of the Revlon Lip Butter (Yeah, I just kept hauling them since they are the only Revlon lip product that go on sale beside the waxy Super Lustrous lipsticks), it's a brownish rose (a lot more brown than it's pink) with tiny micro glitter that's not visible when worn.
This is also the one with of the squishier  sticks that started to get loose/nasty around the base before I even started to use it. No problem on that part though, since the small under 2g stick is getting used up really quickly. To me, it seems like the softer one are usually half gone after 5 application.
Revlon Blush, Pink Truffle, Nivea Vitamin Swirl Lip Care and Revlon Super Lustrous Nude Lustre Lip Gloss - I have said that I love how Revlon does coral/orange, it turns out that I do like their nude as well, since they are usally darker than the pasty nude and usually aren't too pale or yellow.
Revlon Pink Truffle Colorburst Lip Butter - Which looks nice, slightly and 80-90% opaque. Even though I like the shade, I find it giving me an (freshly-cut-from-the-butcher) liver lips effect...That I don't necessarily love, purple cooked-liver-lip is fine with me though.

Overall: I supposed it's another great creamy lipstick with decent color payoff and a natural comfortable wear (not long-lasting though) I suppose that I really like these lipstick, especially for summer and pre-winter time when my lips doesn't need any moisture. Still don't think there is any moisturizing/nourishing benefit though.


  1. That lippie color compliments you!

  2. I agree with the not long lasting part but I love the fact that it doesn't dry out my already dry lips too much as most lipstick tend to do :)

  3. I agree that they're not very moisturizing, but I love how good their pigmentation is and the shades are very pretty too.

  4. @Michelle:
    Thanks...I really like it under yellow light. For some reason I think it's a tad brown for normal daylight though.

    Yeah, I should have been thankful for that (since most moisturizing lipstick are much sheerer or boring compared to the lip butter).

    Indeed, Revlon is quite good at coming up with non-boring and flattering shades.


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