Monday, November 19, 2012

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush Warm and Pink

Warm and Pink are two new shades of Happy Booster Blush added to the range (which contained the two shades Rose and Natural) this spring. Being a lover of PF powder blush and the CVS promotions, I picked up the two without hesitation.
Warm is a blend of beige, warm coral and orange accent. This imparts a warm glow on the face and looks almost like a light bronzer (reads, not much orange flush is involved).
 Pink is a lighter blue pink (quite different from Rose, which is bolder and redder) with a tiny metallic half heart on the left. The metallic part rubs off right away though. There is soft pleasant floral scent and delicate silver shimmery that imparts a fresh glow (just like the rest of Happy Booster blush).
Happy Booster Blush in Natural, Warm, Pink and Milani Corallina (as a control to remind me that there are indeed swatches in the middle). I am not sure if the two new shades are very firmly pressed or just not pigmented enough (or both?) - They are really difficult to pick up with fingers but the glow/sheen does show up when applied when a brush.

Overall: It all depends on what you want. If you like a nice warm bronzer / hightliter that gives a bit of natural glow to the skin, you would like these. If you want to get a pigmented blush (like Rose/Natural), this would be a little disappointing.


  1. Natural looks very pretty but the others are too sheer for my taste. The packaging is gorgeous though.

  2. I wished they sold Physician formula makeup up everywhere! I have natural and it's very pretty to look at and on the cheeks hehe

  3. I would definitely enjoy this not only because I'm a fan of nice warm bronzer but because it looks soooo pretty!

  4. The natural one looks very pretty :D


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