Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Bath Products, Scrunci Hair Tie and More Holiday Sets

More holiday sets from Walgreens - Hello Kitty Bubble Time Friends - Body Wash and Mitt
Hello Kitty Two pack body lotion and lip balm set 
(Spotted at TJ maxx -Jelly Belly Hello Kitty candy, featuring random balls and decapitated Santa (or maybe it's garden gnome)...

Hello Kitty...Wait, is that Spiderman bubble bath?
Random fun shaped soaps
(Big Lots) - M & Ms Lip balm, gloss sets....Now I am tempted. 
(TJ Maxx) - Philosophy fresh vanilla frost tin, containing a gloss and bubble bath 
Back to Walgreesn - Satina Professional Beauty Brush sets with case
Scrunci holiday hair accesories 
Giordano Glamour and Dazzling Eye palettes

City Color Lenticular Eye palette


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