Tuesday, November 13, 2012

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry and More Lip Balms

 Spotted at (right beside check out) Target - EOS pomegranate raspberry lip balm- sounds yummy...
These are from Big Lots - Crayola (so...wax scented lip balm?), Pepsi and Sponge Bob flavor lip balm
Candy Flavored and Air Head and more Pepsi flavored blam - I wonder how those mini bottles are going to work.
Some one dollar fragrance and lotion sets


  1. I can't imagine myself using a "pepsi-flavored" lip balm, I'm not a fan of cola so I guess that explains it!

    I am looking forward to try more EOS lip balm! I've only tried the minty version (green packaging) and loved it!

  2. Love those cute lip balms! LOL So many!!!


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