Monday, November 05, 2012

elf Holiday 2012 - Palettes, Trio and Nail Polish Sets

Spotted at Target - A whole wall (then there was more) of elf trios and larger sets for the holiday.  There are glitter eyes set, blotting paper trio, lip gloss trips, brush and powder and makeup removal pad.
Larger eyeshadow and nail polish sets - these frighten me...
More eyeshadow brushes and multi-kits (I actually kind of like how the 4-pieces gloss set...I just don't like the idea that I have to buy all for just for the one shade I like).
14-pieces nail polish sets. A random piece of information: All the spy cam posts you have seen from the past few days was actually taken on the same evening. I decided to bike around in four different stores and there were a bunch of new stuff in each of them...That's how I ended up with these pictures (and leg pain).

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