Monday, November 05, 2012

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner Orange Flavor

Carmex Orange Flavor Everyday Lip Conditioner is a newly released lip balm with an interesting texture and a yummy smell. If you are put off by the typical camphor/menthol scent and the strong and sometime stinging sensation it gives (what I call "Carmexity"), rest assure that this is possibly the least Carmex-like of all the Carmex product. It smells like filling of lemon cream crackers and the scent shifts to that of orange peels. There is a touch of bitter taste in the zesty aroma, which is pretty spot on for an orange (peel) flavor.
The texture of the lip conditioner is opaque and creamy looking, but the product (squeezed, as it doesn't flow)straight out of the tube looks and feels quite gelatinous. You might want to look in the mirror as you are spreading the product since it's doesn't dissolve upon immediate contact...A layer/streak of white substance hanging on mouth can be pretty scandalous.

When I first used this on my lips, I loved the quenching feel and the cooling sensation (associated with menthol but there was no sting) but 20 minutes later, the balm just dried and formed a waxy film on my lips, very much like normal lip balm. I suppose the film prevents the further evaporation of moisture but at the same time, it just sits there without doing anything from that point on.
Ingredient list of Carmex Every Day Conditioner

Overall: It mells nice, feels nice (for 20 minutes, before it dries up) and is much easier to handle compared to other Carmex lip balms. I would use this up but won't be repurchasing, no matter how cute the chubby, textured tube is.

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