Friday, November 30, 2012

Canmake Powder Cheek Sugar Orange

Canmake Powder Cheek in Sugar Orange is a bright pinkish orange powder blush (as opposed to camera just acts funky with bright shades). There is quite a bit of golden shimmer but instead of being glowy/shimmery/frosty, the shimmer barely show up so it's essentially a matte blush that looks like orange soda flush on the face.

I have never used something that has texture quite like this (OK, not that it's super amazing. It's just different).  Canmake powder cheek is dry, firmly packed and quite pigmented (a quality that's somewhat rare in Japanese blushers). Not only takes a bit of effort to actually grab enough product to coat the blush, the dry texture combined with the pigmentation gives it a stain like effect once it's on the face.To me, it seems to contain fewer filler-ingredients that smooth out and glides on the skin.

The package is pretty compact (as it's only around 2/3 the size of a credit card), each pan is small but maybe twice as deep compared to other US blush pan so I suppose it contains 3-4 grams of products (for some reason, I can't find the product weight anywhere in the packaging) . The firmly-pressed, deep pan with harder pan (compared to the normal aluminum ones) makes it a breeze to de-pot. There is a really soft synthetic brush included in the compact but it's too small and springy to be useable.
Sugar Orange, Jane Blushing Earth Sheer and Maybelline Candy Coral  

Overall: I like the color but I guess the drier texture takes a little getting used to (when I used it on moisturized face, it somehow soaks up too much color), now I wish they have one in a truer orange or a bright red.

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  1. LOVE this!! I'd be bankrupt if Asian makeup was more readily available in the UK.


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