Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nivea A Kiss of Shine Natural Look Glossy Lip Care SPF 15

Nivea A Kiss of Shine Natural Look Glossy Lip Care is a newly formulated balm/gloss to replace the older one with (the same name and a) chubbier squeeze tube. The new formula has a noticeably runnier formula that drips out of the tube easily and contains much more golden tinges micro-glitter that looks fine and understated. Even though the base is clear, the load of golden micro-glitter gives an overall peachy tint to the lips.
On the lips, the Nivea a Kiss of Shine gives a watery shine, moisture and soothing comfort but the lasting power is significantly weaker as the base is no longer jelly-like (the thing just evaporates).  Anyway, the scent is similar to older formula, a nice fruity jello one. 

Overall: Very moisturizing, comfortable, yummy-smelling and fool-proof (duh, it's clear) but it just seems that the 4-dollar tube would run out very quickly with daily uses (and constant touch-ups).


  1. Looks and sounds great! I've still got two tubes of an older version though; I guess I don't use up lip balm very quickly.

    1. It took me a year and half to use up the red one I had (mainly because I have way to much lip gloss that I use as balm) but I think this tube would get used up much faster (it's already half gone!) since it's almost 2 times more water.


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