Monday, October 29, 2012

Ink Drop and Jelly Fish

I have been wanting a decent-looking jade bangle bracelet (one with a crystal structure that's not visible to the naked eyes) for quite a while but never quite found one within my price range. Since the price of jade (along with everything else in China) has hiked up a lot...I was like "Screw it, I am getting one made of agate."
Just like jadeite and nephrite, agate comes in many colors but it's much easier on the wallets and arm, as the density of agate is around 2.66 g/cm cubed (instead of the 3.33 of jade). This gray toned bangle bracelet with black stripes just reminds me of the ink drop in a water.
You can see the grayscale banding the top left. If such bands is absent, it would just be called chalcedony instead of agate. Same difference, they are all silicon dioxide.
This one looks chubbier (it's actually the same thickness with a smaller inner diameter) and the pattern and color remind me of some jelly fish.
Since the color is more neutral, this goes with different types of clothing better. Yeah, I realized that I have made a promise (two years ago...oyy) to put up and outfit posts for my jade pieces. I seriously did try ( after 20 minutes of cam whoring, I decided to give up and the next time I know, summer is here and...I was back in my athletic shorts and freebie T-shirt) and I will give it a go before 2013. If all things fail, I will do the guillotine thing to my pictures. That should take care of all the grumpy faces...


  1. Ooh, the ink drop one is so picturesque! How pretty!

    1. Yeah, I fell in love with it the first time I saw the the picture (and the description, as the seller compared to Chinese watercolor), even though it looks weird with many clothes I own...


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