Friday, October 19, 2012

Essence Eyeshadow - Olive Garden

Essence Mono eyeshadow in Olive Garden is the last item from my clearance basket dig (I probably won't be buying from the brand any time soon, unless they release a limited edition). Olive Garden is a shimmery golden olive green that's a lot more brown/gold than it is green. In fact, it actually swatches a little antique taupe on me (which I love).
The texture of the shadow is firmly pressed and not too powdery so I only get a thin layer of color with each finger swipe and even less so with a standard tapered shadow brush. If you like an intense smokey eyes, this would take a little longer to build up but for a no-brainer allover wash that's more intense at the lash line (one of the two looks I am capable of doing) , the texture is perfect. 
Olive Garden dragged up from the lash line area then some highlight from the Maybelline Caffeine rush palette (Love that stuff but I can't get it to show up on the eye closeup picture...Maybe I need to load on more).

To end the post, a bonus Essnece Eyeshadow Swatch I did last year...Basically, I forgot the shade name as soon as I stepped outside of HEB. Speaking of short term memory. (I think most of these shades are discontinued anyway so there is no point labeling them.

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