Monday, October 15, 2012

Carmex Lime Twist Lip Balm SPF15

I didn't really like (gel tube) Carmex lip balm but I saw this Lime Twist flavor at CVS,  it was green and cute (and I had a "stroke") so I was like why not. Even though the lime scent is detectable and pleasant, the "the carmex" (menthol and camphor) is strong enough that not only it makes up half of what you will sniff, it also gives an unpleasant bitter taste if it gets in the mouth.
The translucent balm gets very squishy and deposit a thick layer of waxy gunk that also adds some opacity. It looks a little think and occlusive (not moisturizing on the lips) but it does gets a little clearer after half and hour or so.By the time it turns kind of clear, the balm also gets absorbed a bit and seems to have an effect making my lips noticeably smoother.
Ingredient list  -  I am too lazy to do a side by side comparison with other carmex product but this one definitely contains the highest concentration of those "medicating" ingredients - Instead of mild tingling (I get with other lip balm of the sort) , this actually numbs my lips enough that it reaches my pain threshold. It wasn't unbearable (and frankly you start to get use to it after the 4th or 5th try).
Carmex Lime Twist Lip Balm by itself  (You can tell it's not a moisturizing product based on the number of lip lines...But it does smooth out a little and it works decently as a base for lipstick that are otherwise too thick or chalky).
with a bit of Revlon Moon Drop lipstick in Peach Silk. Overall: Not a big fan of this. (But I like how the picture looks though...)

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