Wet n Wild I need a Refresh-Mint Megalast Nail Color

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color in I need a Refresh-Mint, a creamy minty green, has been mentioned by many bloggers as a dupe for the famed China Glaze for Audrey (never tried that and don't really care).
 The formula is a little gunky and goop easily with the thick (unevenly cut and kinky) flat brush but at least I only need two swipe/coat for full coverage (so I don't have to disturb what's underneath). The formula is not great (at least not as nice as the other two Megalast polishes I have) but I can deal with it since it's only a dollar (sale price).
 Added a layer of Revlon Colada Fizz scented nail enamel - the silvery small flakie floating in a sheer mint green base gave it an glistening ocean effect.
The bad parts about this combo is that not only it takes forever to dry, Colada Fizz also has a molten plastic/sweet smell that's exactly like the Coconut Gag (Ok, I assumed it smells like pineapple because of Pina-colada...When I opened the bottle it was like "Oh, snap...There is cream of coconut in Pina-colada..."). If you are not familar with Revlon scented polishes, the smells they have usually stay on for days...


  1. It's a shame the formula is not that good, the colour is so pretty!

  2. the color is beautiful!! dang sucks that the formula isnt up to par would have expected better from wnw. i really like it with the revlon! they pop together!


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