Saturday, September 08, 2012

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick I ♥ Nude

Sucky lipstick for a lazy Saturday - Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick in I ♥ Nude pretty much takes the cake for the all around worst lipstick I have tried for the past few years, in terms of packaging (this one didn't chip from the edge, it just cracked allover), color (pasty, super-bright orange-coral), texture (a wet, slippery mess) and smell (it smells nice but tastes like soap).
Wait, this might be the 2nd to the worst. I have gotten a cheap, unpackaged, dollar-store frosty magenta lipstick (I was 14...)  from an older acquaintance when I lived in Toronto. She probably thought that I would be mad if I don't received anything from her,  since she gave my friend (who part-timed in the same place) a pair of gold earrings.  Why would I be (as I don't even know her that well)? 

 When I received it, I gave her an "blank face, since I was (and still am) not very good at doing that Chinese "Aww, you shouldn't have..." sort of thing, I was like (in my mind) what should I do with the lipstick? Throw it away or throw it away? Moral of the story: People won't hold a grudge on you if you gift them nothing. If you gift them a piece of garbage, the memory stays... *End of Rant*
I ♥  Nude, Mac Ever Hip, Mac Perennial High Style, Liplicious Passion fruit Guava
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick I ♥ Nude (on a very good lips day, even though they were a little red at the time. Most of time it just looks like a goop of mess that's floating on top of the lips. A colored cake frosting would be more flattering) - The Lipstick is pretty much hopeless...

Overall: It was pretty cheap but I wish I spend the 2.4 something dollars on Wendy's five piece spicy nuggets and a small vanilla frostie instead. 


  1. Great post. This product is the worst. I returned it to CVS I hated it so much. In general I don't really love physicians formula makeup. Do you have any stuff that you like from their brand?


  2. It's a serious girly color! Love it and love the name :D

  3. I like their happy booster blushes (pink, warm and natural. The one is rose is too red for me) and their powder product in general (with the exception of one with paper compact). I just hate their packaging.

  4. LOL! I'd spend my money on 2 Wendy's 5-piece spicy nuggets!!!!

    1. Oh, they raised the price recently so it's 1.35 for the nugget (plus tax)...You can't get two :(

    2. Wut?!? Damn, I've only been gone for 2 years and they raised the price on Wendy's nuggets on me?!? >.<


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