Friday, September 21, 2012

Nivea Happy Time Creme Soap

Since I really liked the original Nivea Creme Soft Soap I reviewed a while back, I headed back and picked up a 2-piece pack of the Happy Time Creme Soap (at Big Lots for 2.5 dollars) , which is also made in Germany. The Happy Time soap has bamboo milk (I see bamboo extract and milk as ingredients though) as its key feature and a very faint yellow tinge.

Happy Time seems harder and more slippery to the touch and doesn't foam as well as the original creme soft (but it's not pathetically thin either) but it's gentler to the nostril. After rinsing, it also feel like it's leaving a bit of moisturizing film behind (I prefer cleanser that leave my skin squeaky clean). It doesn't seem to give any trouble to my skin face but I just prefer the original formula (which has some magic quality that makes my skin stay clear).
Ingredient List of Nivea Happy Time Creme Soap. Overall: A pretty decent soap that cleanses well enough as a body bar, doesn't seem to be potent enough for (sunscreened) face though.

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