L'Oreal Electric Fantasie Project Runway Limited Edition Fall 2012

Picture-heavy post for a product-heavy collection - L'Oreal Electric Fantasie Project Runway Limited Edition Fall 2012. (Hint hint, there is a beautiful golden apple green polish and a pretty lilac gloss!) Anyway, the collection (like their last one) is divided into four mini range, each with a lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow quad, blush, two polishes and a nail sticker. There are also eyeliner and mascara but they are from the permanent line-up.

The first row is called Artsy Muse, featuring Muse's Kiss Lipstick, Muse's Shine Gloss, Muse's Blush and Muse's Gaze eyeshadow quad
Muse's Attitude and Muse's Inspiration and the nail polish sticker is just called Artsy Muse (I think)
Second row is called Enchanted Queen - Queen's Kiss Lipstick (see the pattern?), The Queen's Shine, Blush and Gaze
The Nail Polish are called Queen's Ambition and Queen's Night 
Seductive Temptress: Kiss Lipstick, Shine Gloss, Blush, Gaze
Temptress' Touch (do like!) and Temptress' Power and a snakeskin print nail sticker called Seductive Temptress
The Wise Muse - Muse's Kiss, Shine (I am really tempted by this one but I think it will either be clear or make my lips look like a pair of slugs) Blush and Gaze.
Mystic's Future and Mystic Fortune and Wise Mystic Nail Sticker. The whole collection looks really cool at a glance but I actually can't find an item I really want to buy...