Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Covergirl Shineblast Lip Gloss in Flare

Covergirl Shineblast Lip Gloss in Flare, from a recent Big Lots dig, is a clear gloss with golden flakies (!). The range retailed for around 7-9 dollars in drugstore, before it got discontinued this summer. The packaging is really nice for a drugstore brand, as it's made with hard plastic tube and a metal (I guess it's aluminum but it's almost as hard as a steel sheet) lid.
It looks just like a lip gloss version of Essie as Gold as it Gets, maybe just a little less yellow (more platinum-blond). If you look closely (at the picture below), the flakies are actually a little prismatic instead of being a straight up gold.

The applicator is fuzzy, slanted (with enough surface area) fuzzy doe-foot in orange. The gloss itself (scented like artificial watermelon) has a thick (not sticky), jelly texture so it only picks up very little product each time.
As expected, the various-sized flakes are much less concentrated on the lips so they just looks like (fancy) grind fish scales...
Covergirl Shineblast Lip Gloss in Flare (a few redips) - As sparse as they are, the flakes are actually sharp enough to feel uncomfortable on the lips.
Covergirl Shineblast Lip Gloss in Flare as a base for Milani Mandarina- I guess it would actually work if there isn't any flake (or that those flakes are smaller, more uniformed in size or are held in a thicker base). Overall: A kiddy product (as this kind of finish and sheer/no pigmentation is commonly founds in brands like Bonnie Bell and Wet n Wild) that's well worth the $1.5 price tag. Most points are awarded for the packaging though.


  1. GORGEOUS! I know i will love this already. I love sparkly top coats!

  2. That's so sparkly! Love the packaging too!


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