Friday, September 14, 2012

Bobra Age Defying Cleansing Treatment with Acai Berry

So Bobra is a skin care brand (that also sells overpriced beauty supplements, not that the pricing on their skincare is reasonable...)that's developed by a random dude supposedly well-known esthetician. The range has been available at Walgreens on the side of their lotion isle and it doesn't seem to do that well. A few weeks back, I picked up a cleanser/facial scrub since they are on clearance for 2.5 bucks (75% off).
Bobra Age Defying  4-in-1 Cleansing Treatment is described as a makeup-removing cleanser + exfoliator+ pore refiner + anti-aging treatment. For what I can tell, this is just a berry-scented thick liquid soap with some tiny scrubby floating around. It has a consistency that not unlike those generic handwash (maybe a little thicker) and it's far less foaming. I only get a thin layer of soapy bubble each time and even though I can feel the exfoliants (mainly in my eyes), they are so sparse that they barely do any thing to my congested skin. I guess it's a good thin if your skin is somewhat sensitive.
Ingredient list of Bobra Age Defying Cleansing Treatment - Wow, they actually use diamond powder (which is not at all pricy as the price of diamond go up/down exponentially with the size/weight) as scrubby? No wonder it's so small and gets in my eyes every time.

Overall:A cleanser that's mediocre at best but it doesn't bother me that much at less than three bucks, I guess since the tube is so big, I can still use it as generic hand soap.

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