Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Cherry Picking Megalast Lipstick

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Picking, a deep berry pink, is a part of their 2012 newly released shades. I bought a mini-bunch of these on a whim, a few month ago (because I really like how the orange one looks) and it seems that different shades have different textures: While the lighter shades can be a little chalky and blotchy while the deeper ones are smoother, apply more evenly and leave a dried-lacquer-like finish with a slight sheen.
Wet n Wild Cherry Picking, Maybelline Berry Beautiful (from fall 2010 runway collection),  YSL Provocative Pink (aka. Regret...) and Revlon Raspberry Pie Lip Butter. Even though Cherry Picking wasn't particularly long lasting on the lips, the stain it left stayed on for quite a while.

The stick (or bullet) of Wet n Wild Cherry Picking is a little hard that even the lipstick itself in pigmented, I need a few layers to get a full coverage. Combined with the intense pigmentation, bold shade and flat surface of the stick, I found it quite difficult to contain it within the lip boundary (it took me 2 minutes, many layering and a lip brush to paint what's shown in the picture, yet there are still smears on the upper lip).

Overall: Not a bad lipstick (and the tube of this hasn't melt off!) but the shade is way too bright on me (you will have better luck if your lips aren't as purple) and the formula is too high-maintenance.


  1. Very pretty!!!! Just a few layers on that gorgeous lip swatch? wow!

  2. Looks really pretty, maybe I should pick this up! I love the color pigmentation.

  3. It looks great on you. I love these lipsticks. :) I have a few of them now, because they're only $2 and honestly, I think they're as good as my MAC ProLongwear lipsticks.


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