Monday, August 20, 2012

Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Blush in Natural

Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Blush in Natural is a two toned powder blush with a light peachy pink "sweater" and a reddish coral pink "belt".  As with most PF blushes, the texture is fine and silky but it's a little too easy to grab (i.e too soft and powdery) that I need to be careful not to grab a full brush full of it.
There is quite a bit of gold in the reddish coral pink part (that seems to be a spraying on top) and some floating gold powder in the softer peachy pink but the they give a luminous instead of a shimmery/frosty finish.

Benefit Coralista, PF Natural (swatched separately), Milani Mai Tai, Mac A Bite of an Apple. Cashmere Wear in natural gives me a similar natural warm flush (that's not too red to be mistaken for sunburn) and the peachy pink tones down the red and makes the overall look cuter.

The blush is decent enough for the sale price (around 3 bucks I think? PF goes on sale all the time in CVS) but the packaging is a little too much for me to tolerate. Not only it's unnecessarily chunky for the small pan size. The lid (and back door, no PF blush is complete without a useless under/back compartment) is made of a cardboard paper,with a transparency window in the middle.
The thing is then glued (yes, glued like paper) to the plastic base. Being curious (more like OCD about peeling), I was trying to see how hard it's attached and it...peeled away easily. 
De-potting is not an option either since 1. The blush is securely glued. 2. The back of the pan is covered by a mirror that you can't up use the heat method (to melt the base then prop the pan out).  3. The aluminum pan is considerably softer and thinner than other ones I have encountered so when force is exerted on it, it bends instead of gets popped out. 4. The soft, powdery blush will just shatter as soon as the pan is bent. 5. (Press it back together? Not that practical since the deeper color will just ended up smearing out and contaminate the lighter one...

Overall: At least 3 bucks is not much to lose.

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