Monday, August 13, 2012

Nivea a Kiss of Vitamin Swirl Antioxidant Enriched Lip Care SPF 10

Nivea a Kiss of Vitamin Swirl Antioxidant Enriched Lip Care SPF10 in another offering from their small (in US, wide in Asia and probably Europe) range of tinted lip balms. The newish design now comes with a slanted top while everything else (like tough-enough tube and the internal design) is kept the same.
The Vitamin Swirl lip care is a marbleized dusty rose (that's neither too peachy or rosy pink) with paler pink veins so you are expected to get either of the two shades (or something in between) depends on what color is on the top-most part when you apply. There is a Asian sour plum candy sort of smell that's a pleasant and not noticeable once it's on the lips.

Either way, the balm is rather sheer and only becomes noticeable if you attentively look for it. It glides easily and leaves a slight shine. While it doesn't seems actively quenching like the Carmex tinted lip balm, it's still really comfortable on the lips.
Overall: If you like a moisturizing, my-lips-but-better tint with a slight shine, you will like Nivea Vitamin Swirl.I personally prefer something that a little bolder or more opaque so I don't reach for this very often (maybe it will give more contrast once my tan fades). In a nut shell, it's too natural for me to bother with it.

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  1. I've been eyeing this for quite some time 'cos it seems like it would smell good, hmm...


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