Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Milani Minerals Blush

The review for these Milani Minerals Blush would be pretty short because 1. They are all discontinued (it seems that discontinuing stuff is the next thing companies do, whenever they developed something that have gains a near-cult status. First there was the Burt's Bees cuticle cream, St. Ives scrub then this...) 2. They are so good that I can't even draft my usual essay-length complaint. Basically, they smooth, pigmented (true to color...sort of) and long-lasting. 

Luminous - Shimmery peachy pink, or more like a berry pink base with so much gold that it turns peachy. A supposed Nars orgasm dupe which on my skin, is much peachier and more glowy (Nars applies like flush on my skin)

Mai-Tai - Matte reddish coral pink (with more of a warmer lean) that give me a weathered look (Chinese call that Plateau Red), I need to be really careful so that I don't look sunburned with this.

Sweet Rose - A matte plum that turns into a very natural pink flush on me. 
Sunset Beach - A burnt orange that turns...dirt brown on my face.My only regret from the bunch.

Overall: I prefer them over the baked formula (which are too powdery and bulky) but I guess it's  fine even if they don't bring the formula back as mine would last me a lifetime anyway.

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  1. What a shame Milani is discontinuing them. Luminuous is one of my fave blush, so pretty and easy to work with!


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