Monday, July 30, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled on the Catwalk, Pixel, 10 Professional and Misc

Spotted at CVS - Wet n Wild Spoiled on the Catwalk collection.
I am assuming that these are from the (pretty huge) permanent line line since there is no mention of it being limited edition, and that I own the shimmery taupe on the very left (Ba-roque).  
Four piece Pixel nail color set (a brand that I have only seen in Ulta).

10 Professional nail lacquer divine duo- for around 6 dollars. 
 Nexxus Pro Mend shampoo (why don't you just cut the damaged part off...since hair is a collection of dead cells already)
 Finally a Revlon display that contains coupons - All expire tomorrow...
 An Almay makeup remover display with a pack of 50 cents off coupons - How generous...
 Covergirl Rock Your Look - Nothing new in the display
Not new at all - De La Cruz glycerin and rose water makes a great toner on drier months (just make your skin is squeaky clean before hand or it will feel a little thick and oily)


  1. The De La Cruz toner looks interesting. First time I've heard of this brand. Do you know how it compares to other rose toners?

    1. It's more of a thick moisturizing toner (I think it's just rose water with glycerin) than a cleansing one. I like to use it on the dry flakes or under my eyes during winter but it doesn't remove makeup and can leave a little bit of film.


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