Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revlon Peach Parfait Colorburst Lip Butter

Urgh...Another Revlon Lip Butter (I have gotten more of these than I would admit)?  Peach Parfait is a shimmery peach but upon close examination, it's more like a raspberry pink with so much gold that it turns the pink peachy.

The texture is a little soft and slippery but not too squishy like some other colors I have. As with all lip butters I have tried, this is an semi-greasy tint that just sits on top of lips, doing not much beside dampening. (I didn't expect it to moisturize so it's OK).
Revlon Peach Parfait, Milani Leading Lady, theBalm Tutti My Frutti Lip Gloss
 Revlon Peach Parfait Colorburst Lip Butter (my lips were really red when I swatched it) - It's pretty much a slap-on-and-go sort of shade (that rarely goes wrong).


  1. uhh I want it° the colors look so beautiful &soft ;D nice post ^-^

  2. I have that one too - I don't wear it often enough though.


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