Sunday, July 22, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

A Saturday Snaps/random picture galore on Sunday (at least it still starts with S)  - The dog from my oldest uncle's house (in a remote village in Hunan), taken 6 years ago.
A cat on the street while I was riding back home from CVS (stalking new collections/after meal exercise, of course)- Can't say no to chubby face!
A rainy night in Hong Kong (I think I was on my way to haul some sunscreens at Sasa). Now I have excuse to post these (weibo finding: sources are shown. I am not linking since it will direct you to login page anyway) up. If you are not aware (not that you should), Beijing just went through what's called the heaviest rain for the last 61 years.
This is what happens when the sewage system can't take any flow (click here for the videos, the BGM was mad funny). Damn, that looks like a fancy condo...The ironic part is that the drainage of Forbidden City (building from Ming/Qing dynasties, several hundred years ago) was totally fine.
The exterior of an insurance company 民生保险 - Evey part of the name was flushed down, with the exception of the right side  呆. It means "retard".
The hard-working people from the government didn't stop under the severe weather - Here they are, issuing tickets on the cars (that were previously stranded by the rain). Sometime it sucks to be Chinese...

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