Sunday, July 08, 2012

Love Those Liver Lips - Sunday Stash Swatch

As a resident of the liver lips planet, purple toned lip color is my go-to choice whenever I want something neutral and easy to slap on. For summer, I like wines and berries to brings out my features a bit (when they are drowned by the summer tan) and I like creamy lilac for that gentle pale blue-pink look. Just like its complimentary color orange/coral: I think purple is also universally flattering, as you can wear it as a gentle pop against the warmth in your skin (or do the matchy-matchy thing). 
From L to R: Revlon Decadent, Maybelline High Tech Plum, Max Factor Ms Understood, Rimmel Vintage Pink, Essence I like Cotton Candy, Revlon Beyond Natural Lip Gloss in Berry, Anna Sui Rouge G 601, Shiseido Natural Wine, Essence Berry Me

1 comment:

  1. Liver lips are great. I have Shiseido Natural Wine, wish it would last longer:/


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