Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are Those Edible? (Plus some Weekend Reading)

Lime Crime Fantasy Eyeshadow swatches - The Chinadoll palette is spot-on!

 Echo from Enchanted Doll -  Oh man, I want life-sized versions of those head pieces.

 Recreating a Tutu's Splendor - Take a look at New York Ballet's costume shop (A video)

 Lanvender Scented Ink from J Herbin - Do French people have to make everything sounds so romantic? (The ink stinks though, according to the review)

The Shiseido Majolica Majorca summer LE pens (made by Uni-Ball) is now available at JetPens (a recent discovery that is soon becoming my third favorite place in US,  after McDonald and CVS)!

 Don't they look like mini-cherries?
A sunflower peeking out of a fence. Now it's all alone :(
 A mini Friday Afternoon haul from CVS  (Cost me 80 cents. Not a bad deal, right?) - Buh bye Hershey bars, I am officially a Cadbury convert.


  1. I prefer Cadbury bars to Hershey bars, too. There's something about Hershey's chocolate bars and kisses that smells sour like spoiled milk.

    1. Now you said it, Hershey really does have a somewhat sour smell. It never bothered me though, now I just think Cadbury is creamier (it also melts pretty quickly down here in Texas).


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