Sunday, June 24, 2012

theBalm Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Counterfeit

theBalm Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Counterfeit is another item from that value set I got a while ago (at Marshall) - The slight muddy blue based green creme reminds me of a polish I wanted for quite a while (but never bother buying due to stinginess), OPI Jade is the New Black (I wish Asami would be back to the blogging world).
Beside being a little runny (it doesn't pool around the cuticle though) - The formula is even, thin and easy to work with. It's takes 2-3 coats for full opacity (no visible nail line even when it's not opaque).  Overall: Decent for the sale price (around 2-3 bucks?) but I wish the pin-up girl print isn't so prone to scratches.

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  1. i got one in fire hose red but sold it...i have already found my perfect red polish (and am not in the mood for any others).


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