Friday, June 29, 2012

Revlon Peach Silk Moon Drops Lipstick

Another CVS clearance purchase - Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Peach Silk is a cantaloupe (orange reddish coral) without any shimmer.This is my first lipstick in the Moon Drops formula (but what a pretty name!), as the ancient (not sure how many years it has been around) range always gave me an aunty vibe.

Anyway, the bullet of Peach Silk is firm enough that it hasn't break or wobble inside the tube, but the color still deposits nicely with just a bit of pressure (or maybe it's because of the heat). The formula is on par with the creme lipsticks from the Super Lustrous line, creamy and pigmented enough but still a little waxy/thin, cheap-lipstick-like compared to the Colorburst Lipstick and Lip Butter. The heavy, perfumey old lipstick scent isn't helping either.
Siren, Peach Silk, Rendezvous, Coral Reef and Continuous Coral  (Not sure how Revlon managed to do that but out of so many Oranges/Coral they have, they all look pretty unique on their own).

Revlon Peach Silk Moon Drops Lipstick  - Overall: I cannot fault the shade (as with most Revlon coral) at all but the formula/scent most definitely doesn't belong to the 10-dollar price range (the regular Maybelline Color Sensational does so much better at its 6-7 dollar range). Since it's going on clearance at CVS for a little under 3 bucks, I would say snap it while you can.


  1. Ooh pretty =) I have this lipstick too! It's a gorgeous coral!

  2. I bought one of the moon drops lipstick and the smell...OH MY the smell. I love the color, but I can't stand that horrible smell that is going on with that lipstick. I've heard people say if you leave the top off for a few days the smell will go away, I'm thinking about trying that, because I would hate to throw it away.

    1. If I do that, the lipstick would probably ended up with tons of dusts...Oy...


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