Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Petco Stalker - Cat Edition

A handsome, slender gray/white cat with blue eyes and a dignified demeanor (Totally reminds me of young Lugansky)
A pretty green-eyed girl with malicious glare (I totally prefer evil cats to the innocent ones !) - Her name is Willow.
Baby got back
Doesn't he (or her?) look like a cat version of Siberian Husky?
They should be totally adopted together (the white one is gone first)...
There are things that aretotally reserved for the furry mammals, stacking is one of them... 
 My theory is proofed again (I felt a little guilty for taking pictures...maybe I should have called the cop...)


  1. is that birds mating?! LOL.

    1. The one on top is trying to (didn't get to do it though, so I wasn't feeling too bad at the end).


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