Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Spotted at CVS - Maybelline is finally on the BB Cream bandwagon with its Dream Fresh BB cream (I like Kemp Muhl's hair in the picture!) - There seems to be five different shade and according to the tester, the lightest on match my inner wrist perfectly (that's not saying much). The BB cream has a lovely light cream formula that feels moisturizing and comfortable on my hand and the coverage seems rather minimal (but then again, there is no much thing to cover on my hand).
Anyway, the SPF 30 (with protection against both UVA/UVB) is a little bit of a joke - TiO2 is indeed a broad spectrum sunscreen but with a barely there concentration of 1.15% (the lightest shade doesn't even leave any white cast on my hand), I am not sure how much you will need to use to actually get the protection. A whole tube, possibly.

Anyway, I wish western brand wouldn't just slap on the BB cream label on anything tinted and call it a day, it really ruins the whole BB miracle (sun protection, beside ample and natural coverage is the main selling point).


  1. Verrry interesting! First, Garnier, now this!

  2. I haven;t tried eastern BB creams, but I was disgusted at the consistency of Garnier's BB cream. Then I tried this and it seems much more pleasant, and other blogger also say that it' pretty close to eastern BBs. But then - you should know best as you're more used to them :(

    1. Aside from the few sample pouches I have tried, I am actually not that familiar with Asian BB Creams (they are still glamorized tinted moisturizer/sheer foundation to me) but at the very least, they do fulfill all the sun protection claims and I never tan/burn while wearing those. The Garnier BB cream took a little getting used to but I really learned to like it,by just treating it as a normal tinted moisturizer (with no SPF or skincare benefit).

  3. at least they have 5 colors for different skin tones, I have a feeling it won't work for me:)

  4. This is very much a tinted moisturizer with sheer cover, but its pretty nice. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin and matches pretty well. I would get it again.

  5. :O I NEED THIS. Or maybe not if people say it has light coverage


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