Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Polish Close Up and Details

A few days ago I spotted a bigger display of the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish - so here are some pictures for the close-up and the name of the shades. Here are 24 shades but I believe there are 40 shades in the whole range, some (I suppose) are store exclusive.
Paint the Town, Plum Paradise, Fuchsia Fever, Green with Envy. Go Go Green, Sapphire Siren
Shocking Seas, Porcelain Party, Onyx Rush, Pedal to Metal, Impeccable Greys, Clear 
Born With It, Pinkalicious, Pink Shock, Orange Rx. Fierce N Tangy, Keep Up the Flame
Denim Dash, Styled Out, Purple Possibilities, Silver Stunner, Bold Gold, Amethyst Ablaze 

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  1. These are nice, loving the gray especially. Hopefully my store gets them soon.


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