Sunday, June 24, 2012

La Roche-Posay Effclar, Lumene, Artist Tools by Japonesque

A collective CVS spy cam post - First there is a La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and Effaclar K (their sunscreen is on sale for 20 dollars this week if I am not mistaken, and you should be able to find  2-dollar peelable in some displays) .
A display for new Lumene skincare- Peat Mask (I loved using the older packaging one, but the brand doesn't go on sale as often so I stopped buying them), Radiant Touch foam cleanser (I have tried the cream version and it was alright) and toner (smelled citrus and refreshing, stings a little with the vitamin C/brightening stuff).
Artist Tools by Japonesque (with a body that you attach different brush heads)  - now that looks cheap...
Sweet treats and night owl lip gloss - Cute but not gimmicky enough for me to cave in.


  1. Wow you guys have Lumene in the States too?! Dang, you guys have everything there dont cha, lol.. Lumene is alright, but I always dislike it cause they always say in their ads that the brand is design to perfectly matches Nordic skintones, and that to me sounds racist! I dont have a Nordic skintone, so I dont need to buy that stuff

    1. We actually have lumene for quite a few years already, I remember I have a taupe/chocolate brown shadow from them six years ago (when they still had makeup here).

      I actually never heard about that in US market (and why would I need a moisturizer/cleanser that match whoever's skin tone anyway?) I think the slogan they use is "exotic goodness from the Scandinavia or something like that...Maybe they are just tailoring the ad for the majority of their local customers?


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