Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Body Fantasies, Nail Rock, SkinnyGirl Favorite, Bonnie Bell Disney Princess

Several new sighting at CVS, Body Fantasies (the same maker as Bod) body spray in Pink Sweet Peas,White Musk and Twilight Mist, all come with a bonus body lotion.
Nail Rock Designer Nail Wrap 
A new range of skincare called SkinnyGirl (which doesn't seems to have anything to do with slimming or dieting) - I am not sure if I like the name, I can almost hear the brand slogan behind this -  "You obviously would go crazy for our, the skinnygirl's favorites because....Duh, us skinny girls are holier-than-thou!" 

Seriously, I don't even find her that attractive...I am more likely to buy from a skincare brand that's endorsed/created by a normal-weight girl with plump, healthy complexion (instead of a boney figure).
Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker Disney Princess Chapstick

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