Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams Nail Lacquer - Nightmare in Disguise?

From their spring Sheer Shimmer collection, Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams is an aqua blue with small fleck-like glitters, like a water nymph's dress sprinkled with fairy dreamy that it became a must-have right of the bat.

I am already accustomed to Sinful Colors' (amazing) creme  formula so this takes a little used to as it's thin and gooey at the same time: First, the formula is a bit runny that each single swipe only deposits tad bit of product. As soon as I finish the thin layer, a big goop of polish just falls down out of nowhere from the top part of the brush, forming a droplet on the slide of my nail...
I am not sure if I should call it fast or slow drying, because each additional layer seems to disturb what's already there (unless I load on a mini pool of it, a method that never works on my narrow nail beds). After many stained fingers and manual clean up (I scraped the gunk off with the other hand), I managed a semi-messy manicure with a slightly bumpy surface...And did I mention that it stains (I used a base coat but the blue tint went allover my nail when it was being removed)?

Overall: The formula is not that bad consider how pretty the shade is and the affordable price (1 dollar when on sale) but it's just too much of a hassle for my lazy@$$ self so I returned this with another coral one (Luminary, also from this collection) I bought...Yes, this totally counts as an eye-sore purchase. 

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  1. i just applied this for the first time tonight and noticed my manicure was a bit bumpy, so i googled "sweet dreams bumpy" and found this and was happy i wasn't the only one. i love the color though and i got it for $1 as well so i'm not going to complain


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