Friday, May 25, 2012

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel Appletini Fizz

Appletini Fizz (I have the matching lip gloss), is one of the scented nail enamels from 2011 Summer Collection called Sweetly Seductive. The polish by itself (apple green with small-sized green and teal flakies) smells nice (like apple soda) but looks really awkward, appearing as a yellow-green pickle juice with random fish scale hanging around.
When used on top of a similar apple green (Here I am wearing with Wet n Wild Jade), Appletini Fizz gives a sprinkle of shine (in teal and green), golden sheen and some dimension to the whole manicure. For a dollar (at Big Lots), this is a great flakie top coat for shades like yellow, olive green and brown.

Wet n Wild Crazed Nail Color in Jade by itself - The formula was pretty sheer so I think I did at least 4 coats for this manicure (but the shade is just amazing).
The Crazed line has been discontinued for quite some time but I though their Fast Dry nail polish in Sage in the City is pretty similar.


  1. Love it! The flakies make it really special.

  2. Oh I have one of the Revlon Scented Nail Colors in Bubble Gum. It's a bright pink and smells just like gum! Loving both nail colors! ^_^


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