Thursday, May 17, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Luminous Lipstick, False Fiber Lash, Power Volume Mascara

Summer 2012 is going to be a great season for lip product junkies (or a horrible one, since we will all be broke)...Just look what I found : Another new range of sheer lipstick/lip balm hybrid from L'Oreal! These are so popular that 2/3 of the display was gone when I took the picture.
L'Oreal Colour Riche Colour Caresse Luminous Lip Color  seems to offer the things that I want (and didn't get) from their Colour Riche balms, wide color selection with plenty of coral, peaches, orange, cool pink and sheer red! I am not sure what to say about the big chunky golden packaging but I guess shiny/glossy tubes do look good in photos.
The packaging of Colour Caresse Lip Color is actually the same as Colour Riche Balm, with golden (instead of silver) tubes and a plastic lid (sprayed with metallic paint) and that piece of rectangular thing poking out in the front. The lipstick itself look very much like L'Oreal European release Rouge Caresse (with a domed top) so the formula should be different from the Colour Riche balm.

There are 12 shades available - Cotton Pink, Pink Cashmere, Blushing Sequin, Velvety Fuchsia, Rose Taffeta, Violet Chiffon, Sunset Angora, Fiery Veil, Cardinal Plume, Cherry Tulle, Silky Java and Sheer Linen. Each retails for 8 dollars at Target. (I already have five shades jotted down.)
Other new releases - Voluminous False Fiber Lash mascara

Voluminous Power Volume 24 HR
Some Colour Riche Nail Color (some are from their summer Gold-themed collection)


  1. OH I am so glad the Caresse line is finally in the States! I've seen such great reviews from friends in the UK and abroad. Which store did you find them in???

  2. I need to stay away from your blog..LOL...Your always showing me things I NEED...ha ha ha

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across your site, and just wanted to tell you that I think you are my beauty blog soul-mate! I love your sometimes snarky comments and how you don't get all hyped up about every single thing like most beauty bloggers. I read through several pages, and your sanity on things like the Revlon lip butters is refreshing! I'll definitely be hanging around. :)

  4. Michelle:
    I mentioned in the post that those are 8 bucks (7.99) at Target.

    Haha, I got a few more of those lip butter because...they are fun to photograph (I am not that sane after all). Feel free to poke around and please don't get offended by my older posts.

  5. I actually like the packaging of the L'Oreal lipsticks. They look much prettier than their regular lipsticks, which look dated. The shades are really nice though! I've been going crazy over anything coral lately! The nail polishes look pretty but I find that the L'Oreal ones tend to get thick and gross really quickly so I stay away from them :(

  6. These smell fruity and not lipsticky :)
    I personally really like these Caresse sticks because they give me a natural tint yet keep my lips feeling balm-ed. Anyway, I have some swatches on my blog. I purchased rose taffeta, velvety fuchsia, and sheer linen. Can't wait to see which ones you choose to purchase!


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